About Us

We bring the finest shrimp of the pacific, processed with the highest standard, and deliver it to your kitchen doors! WINAROS has been working since 2005 and successfully developed the perfect chain of sourcing, harvesting and processing of raw material from the best ponds in Indonesia. We deliver premium gourmet quality shrimps to restaurants, retailers and distributors.

We believe in the importance of our company's expertise in export markets, our experience to bring through product innovations that respond to the needs of our customers and their consumers, our continual development of core competencies, and collaboration with all stakeholders to conserve natural resources and the environment. These factors are critical to support a truly sustainable business. Right from the start, Winaros have operated under prudent management policy with emphasis on strict adherence to high standards of premium food production: from raw material sourcing to processing to quality control and distribution. Winaros' competence and productivity have always been key to serving clients' requirements and satisfying customers around the world.


Winaros to be the world leading quality shrimp supplier and sets the standard of food hygiene in the nationwide.


  • Present only the best product to our customer therefore Winaros to be the preferred provider of great quality shrimp of every potential market.
  • Exceed the standard by working only with qualified labor force, first-class infrastructure and proper system that ensures safety and quality of our shrimps.
  • Build long term business relationship with customers by providing efficient and effective service, and thus fulfill their expectations.


We endeavor only the best quality food for our customers

We make sure that our customers' demands are met by offering many varieties and specifications of shrimp. From head-on splits to raw shell-on to easy peel, peel & deveined and cooked or breaded, Winaros prides itself on its wide selection.

Top quality shrimp products are always our fist priority, which our domestic and international customers can be assured of. Our products are of international standards and quality, are traceable, and are responsive to the needs of our customers globally.

All Winaros products pass our rigorous quality inspection system in every stage of production; biological, chemical and physical. Winaros' own inspection laboratory has all the latest technology to ensure product inspection can be run at perfect condition. This is just to affirm Winaros' rigorous quality control and inspection system as .


It is our culture to serve with
excellence and perfections


We source, enrich, breed and harvest the best shrimp from the best ponds in Indonesia, process it at our highest technology and following our strict operational standard.


Winaros' ability to create production innovation was one of the major part of our marketing differentiation. Winaros' competence and productivity have always been key to serving clients' requirements and satisfying customers around the world.


We at Winaros holds up to our commitment to bring product quality above all, even if it detracts the company's turnover. Our standard operational is our competitive advantage to bring out the best shrimp products to our customers and their consumers.


Challenging factors to the business are increased each year, for the same reason, this condition just made us aim to be better. We adapt ourselves, closely keep an eye on situations and develop our work procedures to be efficient, fast and ready for competition with high capacity.