Our Quality

Winaros runs a strict operational excellence with no tolerance on defects. We understand the increasing global competition for seafood and increasing cost pressures on existing participants. We strive for success and although industries have suffered through market decrease, slow growth and drastic operational cuts that affect product quality. We at Winaros hold up to our commitment in bringing product quality above all, even if it may detracts from our company’s turnover. Our competitive advantage is our standard operations to deliver the best shrimp products to our customers and for their customers. We invest in technology and innovation that enhance our business competitive advantage and strengthen our position in the global shrimp supply industry. The stringent standard that Winaros has operated since the beginning has been the drive of our company. Winaros places importance on the maintenance of high standards in various areas, ranging from the purchase of raw materials, production management, warehouse, logistic management, and our traceability system.

Our uncompromised commitment to food safety and quality assurance require an extremely high-level of skill and attention to detail. We take pride of the quality people we have secured to take on these important challenges inherent in the facet of our operations.


Quality assurance system helps us ensure that our operations strictly fulfills the aforementioned quality and food safety standards. In addition to the assessment of the integrity of our management system, we inspect in detail for quality indicators of raw materials, ingredients, seasoning, packaging, and goods in process. In addition, we also take a closer observation in related sources, such as quality of water used in the production process and the control of temperature in the production lines as well as the accuracy of labels and information on the products.

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